7 Reasons Italian Citizenship Can Change Your Life

7 Reasons Italian Citizenship Can Change Your Life

Italian CitizenshipCan having Italian Citizenship Change your life?   I went through the process of having my Italian citizenship recognized, and I can tell you that it changed mine.

“Being Rooted in Italy brings forth a new perspective on life.” 

Italian citizenship is based on the principle of “jure sanguinis” (blood right).

A child born of an Italian father or mother after January 1, 1948, is an #Italian citizen. Click To Tweet

Keep in mind; there are five key criteria to consider in determining someone’s eligibility be recognized as an Italian citizen. These standards have been known to be challenged in the Italian courts with some success.  If you choose to dispute them, I  recommend that you seek legal assistance.

The European Union has expanded six times since its inception in the 1950s. As of 2016, it consists of 28 member states with 508 million inhabitants. The UK, Germany, and Sweden, just to name a few.

Live Like A European-7 Reasons To Become An Italian Citizen

7. Work Abroad Without the Headaches of a Work Visa.Italian citizenship-no work visa needed

The freedom to move to an EU country and seek employment without a work permit is strictly a right for EU nationals. Most jobs and professional opportunities are offered to EU citizens first. Having your Italian citizenship recognized broadens your professional opportunities.

6. Attain Access to Medical Benefits, Including Free HealthcareItalian citizenship-EU medical benefits

A European Health Insurance Card is free of charge and allows you the right to health care services that are both necessary and provided by the state during a temporary stay in any EU country, Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway, and Switzerland. The cost is the same (free in some countries) as for people insured in that country.

5. Open the door to educational benefits, including potentially free higher educationItalian Citizenship-study abroad

As an Italian citizen, you are entitled to study at any EU university under the same conditions as nationals. There are over 1300 institutions offering high-quality educational programs. The tuitions are moderately priced or require no tuition fees. It is an exciting cultural opportunity, and you can study in various languages.

If you are interested in pursuing the Italian dream and changing your life by applying for Italian citizenship contact us now and ask for our consultation services.

4. Easier to Complete all Necessary Purchasing Requirements for Buying Property in ItalyItalian Citizenship-buy property with ease

Buying real estate in Italy from abroad is quite complicated. It can go from exciting to discouraging very quickly. Having Italian citizenship can make the whole process much easier, cutting down on the bureaucracy involved.

You can also simplify the decision-making process in choosing the right property. It is not always easy to make an informed decision about a location when you have only visited as a tourist. As an Italian citizen, you have the opportunity to experience an extended stay to understand the area and its amenities.

3. Ability to Automatically Transfer Italian Citizenship to All Children Under Age 18

Italian citizenship-transfer citizenship to childrenIf your children are under the age of 18 at the time your application for citizenship is accepted, they will not be required to submit a separate application. They will receive their Italian Citizenship at the same time as you.

As mentioned above this entitles them to study in the European Union as an EU national, and they can realize the benefits of moderate tuition and cultural experience of attending an overseas University.

2. Exercise the Right to Vote for the Italian Parliament Representative in your Region.Italian Citizenship-vote in Italy

Voting is a right protected under the Italian Constitution. Italian citizens living abroad who are registered voters in the Overseas District may vote by mail. You can cast a vote to elect your representatives to the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate of the Republic for the candidates listed on the ballot for the “Circoscrizione Estero” (Overseas District).

You can also choose to vote in Italy in your respective Italian Municipality for candidates in the National Districts, instead of the Overseas District.

1. Establish a Firmly Rooted Connection With Your Italian Heritage.Italian Citizenship-Get Rooted in Italy

Your Italian ancestors left their beloved country to provide a better life for their children. In turn, the next generation could provide an even better life for their children. Although they left Italy long ago, their hearts have always remained in the Motherland. They brought their cultural beliefs and traditions with them when they emigrated. These ideas were lovingly passed down to you along with a strong sense of family and determination.

By having your Italian citizenship recognized you complete the circle. You can now experience, through your eyes, their history, struggles, and joy. You can also open the doors of opportunity to expose your children, first hand, to their origins.

You are not only Italian Americans/Australians/Canadians but you are also American/Australian/Canadian Italians.

Where are your roots in Italy and what are your reasons for wanting to become an Italian citizen?

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I am a proud third generation Italian American dedicated to promoting the richness of Italian cultural heritage.

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