The Best of Italy - Digging Up Roots in the Boot - Video Series

The Best of Italy

The Best of Italy video series is going to let you take a closer look at Italy. Go on a journey of cultural discovery, and experience the lifestyle and traditions of Italy and its 20 diverse regions.  Our goal is to keep you connected with your Italian Heritage.  To receive updates when new videos post, subscribe to the Digging up Roots in the Boot YouTube Channel. 

Why is Italy so captivating?  

It is a combination of centuries of cultural traditions, art, architecture and much more.  Italy  finally unified as a nation in 1861, and today has more UNESCO World Heritage Sites than any other country in the world.

Italy is an eclectic mixture of everything from sports and cinema to theater and  traditional folk music.   Italian fashion and design is also a very important part of Italian culture and heritage.  Of course, we can not forget about the Italian cuisine that is noted for its regional diversity and world wide popularity.

Today, Italy's influence is seen throughout the world thanks to the Italian diaspora which is the large-scale emigration of Italians from Italy.   It happened in two giant waves leading to millions of Italians permanently leaving Italy and bringing their Italian culture and traditions with them.  Interestingly enough, there are more Italian descendants living abroad than there are Italians in Italy.

We highlight the diversity of the country and its 20 regions, and celebrate the Italian people, culture, traditions and heritage.  There is so much to discover about Italy, and this video series gives you a quick peek inside each region.   You find out how each region is unique and adds to the charm, history, and culture of Italy as a whole.

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