Free Italian Lessons Improve listening, practice pronunciation, build vocab

Free Italian Lessons

Free Italian Lessons – Improve your listening, practice proper pronunciation, and build your vocabulary with short conversational and grammar videos.  To receive updates when new videos post, subscribe to the Digging up Roots in the Boot YouTube Channel.  

Scroll down and find the free Italian lessons that are right for you!

Digging up Roots in the Boot joins forces with Flavia and Lilla, two young, energetic Italian teachers. Together, we bring you free Italian video lessons to help you practice listening and speaking Italian at all levels.  
Watch an entire playlist here:
Learn Italian with Lilla
or select one of the individual lessons below.
Our goal is to keep you connected with your Italian Heritage.  So, in the YouTube video descriptions, you will also find information on grammar and links to Italian culture.  Furthermore, there are links to books and music to keep you reading and listening in Italian.  Also, you can find links to other learning resources and Flavia’s community of Italian language learners.

Italian Lessons #1 Beginners - The Alphabet

Italian Lessons #2 Beginners – Essere Avere

Italian Lesson #3 Beginners - Colors and Numbers

Italian Lesson #4 Beginners - Adjectives and Opposites

Italian Lesson #5 - Beginners - Comparatives

Italian Lesson #6 - Beginners - Superlatives

Italian Lesson #1 Intermediate - Daily Routine

Build Your Vocabulary - Daily Routine Vocabulary (Part 1)

Italian Lesson #2 Intermediate - A day at the Beach

Italian Lesson #3 Intermediate - A day In The Mountains

Italian Lesson #1 Advanced- La Certosa

10 Ways to Use the Verb Andare

10 Ways To Use The Verb Fare

10 Ways To Use The Verb Prendere

10 Ways To Use The Verb Dovere

Build Your Vocabulary - Figurative Expressions #1 

Build Your Vocabulary - Personality Adjectives 

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