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Rooted in Italy TV

Rooted in Italy TV

Rooted in Italy TV - Italian Lessons with Flavia
Rooted in Italy TV-The Best of Italy

Rooted in Italy TV-Our Italian Kitchen

Our Rooted in Italy TV channel is designed to keep you <img draggable=ROOTED IN ITALY<img draggable= with video series that explores Italian Heritage, Italian Citizenship, Italian traditions, Italian culture, the Italian language, Italian food, and Italian lifestyle. Featuring <img draggable=OUR ITALIAN KITCHEN with Diego & Lilla, <img draggable=THE BEST OF ITALY with ALESSIA and MARILENA, and <img draggable=ITALIAN LESSONS WITH FLAVIA and LILLA.  To receive updates when new videos post, subscribe to the Digging up Roots in the Boot YouTube Channel.

Watch Our Rooted in Italy TV Series

Digging up Roots in the Boot joins forces with Flavia and Lilla, two young, energetic Italian teachers. Together, on Rooted in Italy TV, we bring you free Italian video lessons.  Flavia and Lilla help you practice listening and speaking Italian at all levels and break down grammar and do practice exercises while building your Italian vocabulary.  

Italian Lessons with Flavia

Learn Italian with Lilla

Diego and Lilla invite you into their cozy Italian kitchen to share some authentic Italian recipes while they talk about Italian culture, traditions, superstitions, proverbs, and much more!  Food is a huge part of Italian culture.  It also revolves around the entire family coming together to enjoy each other’s company over traditional homecooked meals that have been passed down from generation to generation.  Diego and Lilla want to share their love of food with you and introduce you to regional dishes that make up Italy’s diverse cuisine.

Our Italian Kitchen with Diego and Lilla

The Best of Italy TV series is going to let you take a closer look at Italy. Take a journey of cultural discovery, and experience the lifestyle and traditions of Italy and its 20 diverse regions.  Rome, Florence, and Venice are some of the most visited tourist destinations.  But, these historical cities are just the tip of the iceberg.  There is so much more to experience from the Alps to Sicily, and The Best of Italy will give you a little peek inside some of Italy’s hidden gems.

The Best of Italy

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