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Have you ever thought about visiting your ancestral village in Italy? Would you like to find out more about your Italian ancestors? Would you like to know if you are eligible to have your Italian Citizenship recognized through your blood right (jus sanguinis)? We are here to help you realize your dreams.

We offer an array of customized services designed to bring you one step closer to discovering all of the nuances of your Italian Heritage. Our mission is to bring Italian Americans, Australians and Canadians “home to their roots” to discover where and how their ancestors lived.

Fred Lurenz

          When I first begin to research my Italian history it was quite overwhelming. Laura took the reins and was able to walk the ground in Italy and use her knowledge to find information on my family that would be close to impossible to obtain on my own. She not only updated my family tree but used and resourced real paperwork that was used in her findings. I look forward to working with her again on a tour of our family area near Naples. Thanks so much for your tireless work for our family. You have brought about connections that will last through the generations.

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