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Laura Lee – Italian Heritage Specialist

Laura Lee Watson Italian Heritage Specialist and Founder of Digging up Roots in the Boot I am a proud third-generation Italian American who ventured abroad to Italy in 2005 with the intention of digging a little deeper into my Italian roots. I visited my ancestral villages in Sicily, have met and developed ongoing relationships with distant cousins, and had my Italian citizenship recognized.  It was after this amazing experience that I dedicated myself to promoting the richness of Italian cultural heritage. Digging up Roots in the Boot specializes in Heritage Tourism and Genealogical Research throughout Italy for Americans, Canadians, and Australians of Italian descent.  We take great pride in delivering custom and personalized services with passion and attention to detail. We design our bespoke heritage tours to meet your time frame and personal goals.  No two family histories are the same so you can expect a unique approach to planning your itinerary. We understand the emotions involved as we guide you to your ancestral village for the first time, walking into the church where your Great grandfather was baptized and taking a family photo on the steps in front of the house where your Grandmother was born. We feel your excitement when you meet living relatives, and they invite you into their home for a little snack which turns into an excellent 3-course meal. Every step of the way we are there for you interpreting. It tugs at our heartstrings when you shed a tear as you find your great grandmother’s grave in the cemetery and see her photo for the first time. With our consulting services, we can help you prioritize your efforts and make the bureaucracy seem a little less daunting while you are preparing the necessary paperwork for Italian Citizenship. We breakdown the brick walls when it comes to researching Italian historical documents.  Italian public offices and churches can be very challenging to work with locally, let alone from abroad.

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