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Italian Citizenship

We can help you obtain certified copies of Italian birth, marriage and death records that you are required to submit with your Italian Citizenship application. In addition, we offer a consultation service to help guide you through the process of obtaining, correcting and certifying all your documents for submission.  Also, we can translate your certified documents into Italian.

Italian Document Research

We are onsite in Italy and specialize in providing thorough and accurate searches of all available Italian records. We have access to Civil Records, Church Records, Military Records, Notary Records, Family, and Land Census Records. We can assist you whether you are looking for certified documents to submit with your Italian Citizenship Application or an extensive multi-branch family search. Each research project is as unique as its family, so we will provide you with a personalized quote.

Finding Living Relatives

Do you think that you still have living relatives in Italy?  We can assist you in identifying and connecting with your long lost cousins by tracing your family forward starting from your roots.  We are onsite in Italy, fluent in Italian, and can provide you with a personalized quote for a full circle family reunion.

Personalized Italian Heritage Tour

There is no better way to explore your Ancestral Village(s) than with one of our customized private Italian Heritage Tours which will allow you to uniquely experience what life was like for your grandparents or great grandparents so many years ago. We listen to you and ask questions so we clearly understand what your expectations are before tailor designing your itinerary.

You will be accompanied by your own personal Heritage Specialist-Interpreter who will ensure an authentic experience and unveil many hidden treasures along the way. You will have the opportunity to fully emerge yourself in the Italian culture, history, and nature as you travel down the road to discovery.

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