A Behind the Scenes Interview – Meeting Italian Relatives

Meeting Italian Relatives

Have you ever considered taking a heritage tour and meeting Italian relatives?  Meeting your Italian family for the first time is an indescribable experience.  I see that most second and third generation Italian descendants want to stay as connected with their heritage as possible.  So, more and more of you are doing the research and making […]

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The Italian American Experience – Come Along For The Ride

Anthony Fasano & Dolores Alfieri The Italian American Podcast

The Italian American Experience is an initiative spearheaded by two remarkable and ambitious Italian-Americans.  Above all, their vision stems from the desire to understand where we, as Italian-Americans, originate.  Also, they know all too well the sacrifices that their ancestors endured to give them a better life.  Ultimately, they are honoring Italian traditions and helping […]

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Why I Absolutely Love Italian Food And You Should Too

Italian Food - Calabrian Table

Although the authentic Italian food of our ancestors diligently changes hands from generation to generation, the recipes evolve over time.  Also known as comfort food to anyone of Italian descent, it is an integral part of our culture.  Many years ago, meals arrived on the table directly from the farm.  Our favorite traditional dishes originated […]

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2016 Central Italy Earthquake – Hundreds Dead And Thousands Displaced

Central Italy Earthquake Rescue

Italy is no stranger to earthquakes.  In fact, The recent Central Italy earthquake is the fourteenth since 1905 to cause significant damage.  Sadly, the 1968 Belice Valley Earthquake in Sicily left a permanent scar, forcing many to emigrate.  The 1908 earthquake in Messina reduced one of Sicily’s largest cities to rubble.  More recently, the 2009 earthquake in L’Aquila damaged […]

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8 Extraordinary Examples of Southern Italy and Its Charm

Southern Italy SMCV Amphitheater

How do you make the most of a summer holiday in Southern Italy?  The answer is quite simple.  Italy’s Southern regions conceal an endless array of natural and architectural beauty.  So, uncovering a hidden treasure is much easier than you may think.  Just, follow these suggestions and you will be amazed by the impressive gems […]

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Educating Sicily and Italian Americans with You Me & Sicily

Educating Sicily

Irresistible Sicily has lured me into her clutches once again.  Without fail, it is precisely like every other time that I hop on the ferry to cross the Messina straight.  Instinctively, I close my eyes and take a deep breath of sea air.  As I feel the warm Southern Italian breeze blow through my hair, I […]

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I Love Sicily And Keep Returning For More – It’s in my DNA

I Love Sicily

I love Sicily for its enchanting and unique blend of diverse cultures. Its allure seduces you and remains within you forever.  A magnificent Island, subjected to 13 foreign dominations over the centuries,  yet it shines brightly like a beautiful gem in the midst of the Mediterranean Sea.  It is a treasure chest chock-full of amazing architecture, beautiful […]

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