Italian American Genealogy - Digging Up Roots in the Boot

Italian American Genealogy

Exploring Italian American genealogy is a very important way that we can stay connected to our Italian roots.  Often, our ancestors found it difficult assimilating to their new American surroundings.  As a result, they didn't teach us how to speak Italian.  In some cases, they even changed their surnames to avoid discrimination.  So, why are so many second and third-generation Italian Americans compelled to dig deeper into their Italian roots?

Certainly, researching our origins in Italy helps us stay connected to our Italian heritage.  Also, genealogical research in Italian documents can help us paint a picture of what life was like for our ancestors.

Secondly, Italian American's often discover living relatives while expanding their genealogy. For instance, DNA test results can lead to finding distant cousins in America, or social media can lead you to an Italian cousin that you didn't know you had.

Moreover, many Italian American's discover through their genealogy that they are eligible to have their Italian citizenship recognized through blood right (jure sanguinis).

Italian Genealogy Podcast - Finding Frank Sinatra

Above all, I think that the best place to start understanding Italian American genealogy is by opening a dialog.  So, I sat down with Bob Sorrentino last week to chat about Italian American genealogy. In other words, join the conversation.  Listen to the podcast in the video below.

Italian American Genealogy Interview with Bob Sorrentino - Italian genealogy Blog Podcast Host

Furthermore, I kept the discussion going by interviewing Bob. Watch the video below about his Italian roots Bari and Naples. Also, we talked about his passion for promoting and sharing Italian heritage in the Italian American community. If you are interested in being a guest on his podcast, contact him here. You can also be part of his Italian American community at Italian genealogy Blog.

Contact us if you are interested in finding out more about your Italian Heritage.

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I am a proud third generation Italian American dedicated to promoting the richness of Italian cultural heritage.

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