Curious about tracing your family's roots back to Italy? Download this FREE Guide!

With this FREE guide, you can get started on the journey of a lifetime that transcends multiple generations in your family tree.

In this guide, you will discover:

  • Where to find the necessary vital records.
  • The best Internet sites for gathering some initial data.
  • How to organize a research schedule and set long-term goals.
  • The important keys to conducting on-site research in Italy.
  • What to do with all of your documents and information once you’ve collected it.
  • How to go about having your Italian citizenship recognized.

And much more, in this completely free guide with no obligation.

Italian Heritage Tourism is so much more than just visiting Italy, it is a Homecoming Experience chock full of emotions. Imagine a personalized guided and interpreted tour of your ancestral village(s) enabling you to communicate with the locals with ease. Entertain the idea of possibly meeting living relatives and developing ongoing relationships with them. Delight in the experience of walking in your ancestor’s footsteps envisioning what their life was like so many years ago. Take advantage of the possibility of extending your adventure above and beyond with a bespoke itinerary add on.

Keeping in mind the personal and emotional nature of a Heritage Tour, I have created this free guide – 5 Step Quick Guide to Heritage Tourism to give you a necessary framework to prioritize and maximize your efforts so that you may reap the absolute most out of you Homecoming Experience. It discusses Home Source information you should have before you plan your trip, how to approach Preliminary Research, Onsite Research options, Heritage Tourism Itineraries and considerations for Italian Citizenship.

Heritage Tourism Free Guide
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